UV Printing

UV Printing inline is a major advantage to us, it enables us to print on substrates traditionally not suitable for offset printing. Substrates such as Vinyl adhesives, metalised board, Polypropylene, Kraft boards and holographic board. 

Our printing targets ISO Standard 12647-2 which requires us to analyse, certify, control colour, measure performance and tune the printing process. This allows us to have predictable, repeatable 4 colour image reproduction. Our proofs target Fogra 39L or ISO Coated v2 industry standard.

Calibration and spectral measurement is done with state of the art Spectrophotometers and software. This same equipment is used across our Prepress, Ink Lab and printing departments allowing us to achieve consistent colour standards.

Inline Coating

Our extensive range of print finishes and coatings can give your brand a competitive edge.

There are a dozen different inline coatings available, and quite a few can be done together, the most common right now is Soft Touch coating, Aqueous coating and Reticulated coating.

Types of Coatings we offer