Structural Design

Getting functional and impactful packaging is essential in building your brand. Our structural designer will provide you expert advice on how to save costs by reducing your material costs, prevent product damages while improving your freight utilization and overall packaging aesthetics.

Carton Styles

Hover over image to see 3D representation that can be rotated.

Aero Tuck

Crash Lock Bottom

Double Walled Tray




Shelf Ready Carton

4 Corner Glued

6 Corner Glued

Samples & Prototyping

When you need to know precisely how the design and quality of your boxes are expected to come out before producing a large quantity, going through the prototype stage is probably your best bet.

Nothing is worse than investing a lot of time and money in a project and then realizing at the end that you don’t receive what you hoped for.

Determining the exact dimensions for your box can be a bit tricky, especially for uniquely shaped products.

Our in-house structural designer will work with you one in turning your idea into a creation.

Getting an unprinted sample would be an excellent option to verify the structural design and make sure the product fits exactly how you would expect.

Samples and prototypes we produce

Plain Sample

Commonly used for testing box structures, sizing and material evaluation. Also used for production line trialling.

Digital Sample

Digtally printed and cut sample commonly used for testing printed artwork and layout. Great for quick turnaround photography shoots.

Digital 3D Sample

3D render sample commonly used for marketing, simulations and artwork/layout testing.