Ego Print was traditionally built as a commercial printer and still offers quick turnaround digital printing to high quality book printing.

Premium products such as Playing cards, calendars, diaries, game cards are day to day products produced here. Personalised products are becoming the norm and can be accommodated with state-of-the-art digital software.

Scented print (Rub’n Smell) is available on many products a fifth-color scented varnish, Rub’nSmell is the most economical and versatile method of scent print production. Within packaging, Rub’nSmell makes products more interactive at point of sale. In catalogues and direct mail, Rub’nSmell dramatically increases response rates, redemptions and sales.

Specialty Finishing

If you are looking to enhance and add a more impact look & feel to your packaging, you can opt for special processes to create a more eye-catching unboxing experience.

Foil Stamping: This process can be added to create a distinct look for your packaging. If you’re looking to add any metallic, matte gloss, holographic or special effects features, then foil stamping could do that for you.

Embossing: Add dimension and depth to your packaging by utilising embossing. It is the process of raising textual content or an image by pressing into the card stock or paper.

Debossing: The opposite of embossing, debossing creates a depressed imprint on card stock or paper surfaces.


Security Printing is a niche area of the business that cannot be explained in too much detail here. We are a fully secure site with 24 / 7 manned crews and CCTV throughout the business.

Thermo inks and invisible inks or coatings can be embedded into print jobs adding value and security to important documents.

There are in total 10 security features that can be added to printed products.